Instructions - Career Cruising - Deadline Feb 24

Instructions - Career Cruising - Deadline Feb 24
Posted on 02/10/2020

Student Instructions for Course Planner in Career Cruising

From the West Carleton Secondary School website, click on the Career Cruising link on the right-hand side of the West Carleton Secondary School home page. 

This takes you to the OCDSB website. Click on "Student Portal" and then "Login Now". Login with your school email and password. Next, click on the Grade 7 - 12 icon, then click on the Career Cruising icon, then click on "Choose my Courses". This takes you to Course Planner where you'll make your course selections. Shortcut to Career Cruising via Student Portal Note: There is a second way to login, IF you remember your login + password from previous years. Link to:

If you are in Grade 8 choosing Grade 9 courses, you will need to choose West Carleton Secondary School from the drop menu and save, before proceeding.
All compulsory courses are listed by grade. For example, English is at the top of each column.  Click on it and your options will appear. Click on the one you are selecting and then click on “Add Course”. 
Alternately, you can delete a course by clicking on the course to highlight it then click on “Delete Course”.

If you are not sure which level to choose in a particular subject area please discuss with your subject teacher, parents, learning support teacher and/or guidance counsellor. 
For electives, select a subject area from the drop down menu. If you are going into Grade 12 you can choose a spare by clicking on “Study Period”.
Only Grade 12 students can choose a spare.
If you get a red circle with an exclamation point in the centre after choosing a course, you do not have the prerequisite and therefore, cannot take the class. If you feel this is inaccurate, see your guidance counsellor. 
You will also get a red circle if you are changing levels or moving out of French Immersion. If this is a change you would like to make, see your guidance counsellor. 
If you get a blue circle with an exclamation point, there is additional information being provided to you. Please pay attention to these pop-ups. One may ask you to pick up an additional application form. For example, for co-op, peer assisted learning or for a SHSM. 

Even though it looks like you can, you can’t actually sign-up for an online course through Career Cruising. If you would like to take a course that we do not offer at West through elearning, see your guidance counsellor.

Likewise, if you are interested in doing a Dual Credit, choosing this option in Career Cruising is just telling us you are interested in taking one of these courses. 
See your guidance counselor or co-op teacher for more information on registering for a Dual Credit course. 
Once you have chosen 8 courses plus 2 alternates, click on the “Submit” button at the bottom of the page. Once you have “submitted” you will not be able to make changes. If necessary, see your guidance counsellor.
Once you have submitted, print the “Course Verification Sheet”
Hand your form in to the Guidance Office no later than February 24.

You will be asked to fill out two online forms in September for the Appropriate Use of Technology and Media Permission form. This needs to be filled out each school year. 
If you are in Grade 8, your paperwork is due to your Grade 8 teacher the week before February 24. Please adhere to the deadline your Grade 8 teacher has given you.
If you are currently in Grade 12 and are graduating in June, “Not Returning” will automatically be chosen for you. If you would like to return for a fifth year of high school however, 
please make an appointment with your guidance counsellor. 


Grade 8s - Career Cruising is currently open for course selection.

Grades 9 to 11 - Career Cruising will open on February 6 for your course selection after our grade assemblies and course fair. 

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